The Pan African Youth Orchestra was established in 1995 as a youth wing of the Pan African Orchestra.

U.S.A. & Pan African Youth Orchestra Music Collaboration

The U.S.A. & PAYO Music Collabortion Project was conducted in Accra Ghana on Aug 2015 with a five member team of American educators, namely, Kofi Ameyaw, AI Yumiba, Carol Palms, Mark Palms, and Leandra Ward. The team of educators taught Western music theory, arranged and composed music for an upcoming US tour of the Pan African Youth Orchestra, and raised funds to bring over a sound system, video camera, along with clothing and energy saving products.  Please take a moment to consider donating to the Pan African Youth Orchestra US Tour, and feel free to contact us if you have questions about PAYO or the Collaboration Project.   - Kweku Kwakye, Director

A video of candid interviews during the Music Collaboration Project in August 2015.

Arrival Day in Accra

Music Theory Classes

A video of the first Collaboration Concert

at the Osu Childrens Home in Ladone, Accra

Studying the Pachabel Canon